Coach Summitt On Standards Of Competition

The Best Things I've Seen in Coaching

What sets the standard of competition?

  • Competing against self, not the other team. The standard isn’t just the opponent. The standard is much higher than any opponent on the schedule. You want to leave here knowing you competed every possession.
  • It’s your responsibility to challenge yourselves from within to play at a different level.

Best Things I’ve Seen In Coaching Book Project

The Best Things I've Seen in Coaching

I’m excited about the project we have put together to share some of the thoughts, quotes and ideas that I have had the opportunity to see and be a part of with Coach Meyer and Coach Summitt.  The project started as a way for me to organize these thoughts and ideas for our program and our players.  After condensing the notes, I decided to put them in one book for our team and staff.  Then, wanted to share these items with others and the book if the end result.

The title comes from a session of Coach Meyer’s Coaching Academy–“Best Things I’ve Seen”…The session would hit a very wide variety of topics.  I couldn’t think of a better title.  The book is a compilation of a wide variety of topics.

The book’s format follows the Cornell note taking system that Coach Meyer emphasized.  I wanted to be able to record the date and thoughts I had as I read, and discussed these concepts with our team, staff and others.  Coach always talked about the concept of a “thought pad.”  I want these ideas to lead to more ideas and thoughts and plans of action.

Proceeds from the book will be divided among the Meyer and Summitt Foundations.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

You can purchase the book online for $25 to include shipping and handling.  Simply click on the button on the side of the blog.